Do You Have The Next Hit Reality Show?  Reality shows are the current standard for TV programming and many are trying to get their concept on the air. Creating your own reality show is a great way of promoting your company , brand, product idea or cause. The traditional method of creating the reality show is a matter of developing your concept, initiating the production and then attempting to sell the show pilot to a network.  Even with the drive by Producers to find that next hit Reality show this process can be costly and time consuming. Most producers require that  you have multiple completed episodes “ in the can “  and  getting in front of a network producer  is extremely challenging without proper connections  , a completed  pitch book and sizzle real or  representation by a specialized  rep group or  agent.

We Have A Solution

We use our many years of TV production experience and  Hollywood film connections to provide streamlined alternatives to the traditional  network producers path into airing your reality series . The goal of the network is to air a reality show and generate revenue from the advertisers placing commercials within that program. This same concept is available to independent programming producers as either a fast track to being  on air or as an initial starting point to attract mainstream network attention and prove the programming has audience and advertiser appeal . Air My Reality Show offers network grid acquisition programs starting at less than $500 per week  and can also guarantee To Pay Up To 50% Or More Of The costs associated  with the airing of your program  in exchange for a portion of the  advertising slots within your program. We also offer traditional representation programs through an investment model that provides cross promotion of your program on mainstream cable networks, radio stations and major newspapers. If you have the next hit reality show and you need assistance placing it on air or are in the formative stages of your project and need help with your pitch presentation, sizzle real or just a discussion on the options that exist please contact us today
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We air your programming to attract mainstream network attention and prove the programming has audience and advertiser appeal . 
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